What is Computer Network Attacks?

Welcome Guys, in this module, we are going to discuss What is Computer Network Attacks, what is Active Attacks, and what is Passive Attacks. Since we all work with computers and are very aware of the malicious attacks that are taking place, to prevent that we need to maintain security in our systems.

But we can do so when we exactly know what they and how many types of attacks can be there. So, let’s start reading this module and gather our knowledge in the same.

What is Computer Network Attacks?

Computer Network Attacks or typically known as CNA or also known as Network Security attacks are basically unauthorized access to our private systems, organizations, or any governmental body with the aim to destroy the existing data and files from the systems or modify or steal the existing data and files.

What is Computer Network Attacks?

As, most organizations are working online, and all their important data and files are also stored in the system, which they gave access to their employers only, but sometimes because of some types of misinformation lead to attacks on the system and many files are destroyed or modified or get stolen. These types of attacks are only termed Computer Network attacks or CNAs.

CNA manipulates the data in our system, it can take the system down, modify the existing data or can misuse the data, or erase all the data or some other actions might happen that are totally against the organization.

List of Computer Network Attacks

There are 2 types of Computer network attacks or CNA. These are also known as security attacks in systems.

  1. Passive Attacks
  2. Active Attacks

What is Passive Attacks?

Passive attacks are part of Computer network attacks. These types of attacks do not cause any harm to the user system or resources available there. The victim or the user in which this attack is taking play, they are unaware of it. In this, the attackers only read or see the data and information without affecting the other resources of the system. They also do not modify or make any types of changes in the data available. These types of attacks are dangerous with respect to confidentiality. More attention should be paid and focused on the prevention of these types of attacks.

What is Active Attacks?

What is Active Attacks?

Active attacks are part of Computer network attacks. Active attacks cause damage and harm to the system to which they have been targeted. The victims or the users get informed and become aware of when these attacks have occurred in their system. These attacks change the operation of the system and alter the resources available there. They modify or steal the existing data from the system. These types of attacks are very dangerous with respect to the availability and integrity of the system. More attention and emphasis should be paid and focused on detection.

What is Active Attacks?

Sometimes, it often happens that some hackers use a combination of both attacks i.e., active, and passive attacks to gain unauthorized access to the user systems, data, information, and network. Passive Information is used first so that all the information can be collected, and once done with the collection, the active attack is imposed, and through this, they destroy the user system and steal the data.

How to prevent our systems from Computer Network Attacks?

Security is very important, most organizations are working online, and keeping malicious attacks in mind, security has become very important to prevent our private data and information from attackers. Let’s see what measures we can take to prevent computer network attacks.

Keep your system and software fully updated

Always keep up to date with your all software and the system, because attackers take this as a weakness if your system is not updated and then they take the advantage of this weakness and attack your systems and steal or modify the data and information, indirectly they harm your system.

Install a Firewall

A firewall is very important to be installed in your system if you want to be safe from attackers because the firewall acts as the security guard for your system and restricts the entry of malicious viruses into your system.

Backup your data

Always make a habit of creating a backup i.e., a duplicate copy of all your important data, somewhere in your system or in other devices. So that whenever there is a system loss or something else happens so you would not able to lose your data.


The important thing which we all are aware of. We should never keep the same password for many things because once the attackers figured out your password, you will lose all your access to all the things. So, it’s a good practice of keeping different passwords for the different applications you use.

Ensure End Points connection

In organizations, many devices are connected from the same network, it can be employers’ personal mobiles, and tablets also, and all these give the path for the attackers to enter the organization network. So, there should be end-to-end connectivity for each device connected to the network.

These are some of the points which should strictly be taken care of when you are connected to a large network and want to be on the safer side from attackers.

Hope this module was very useful and helpful for you all, as we have seen about what is Computer Network Attacks (CNA). And how can we prevent these by taking some useful measures? For more modules related to cryptography & networking security stay connected with us. Keep reading, stay happy, and stay safe.