Why Should I learn Python?

Hey guys, Welcome back, in this module we are going to talk about Why should I learn Python? The most frequently asked query or question by ourselves, so let’s see the solution to Why should I learn Python in detail in this module?

Why Should I learn Python?

As we know Python is in high demand in today’s industry just because of its features and characteristics. Most of the big companies are using python only to work for their businesses.

Then as a beginner, it is a very critical question which generally all of us asked Why Should I learn Python? Just because it is in high demand or just because most companies are using it in order to grow and work faster and smarter but then also one question arises and i.e., Why is it in high demand?

Why Should I learn Python

So, let’s see some of the key points that make Python a better language and give the answer to Why Should I learn Python.

Easy and Simple to Learn

Python is a beginner-friendly language, i.e., if you don’t know anything about programming language and you want to learn python then you can start learning it from Python. Python is very easy as it does not include complex syntax and allows us to do things in a more simple way. And because of its simplicity, it is known as a Readable Programming Language.


Python is a versatile language as it has covered almost all fields from developing small software to making huge databases, python is everywhere. It fits into each and everything you want and all this makes python a great language of choice. Thus, by investing your time in learning python, you can make you prepare for different types of job roles in the industry.

Bunches of Libraries available

Once you accelerate your learning towards python, you will come across different types of libraries available which have their unique and amazing work, there are a lot of libraries available that need to be imported before use in your python code. For example, for working with mathematical functions you need to import a math library, for working with arrays and files there are NumPy and Pandas and likewise much more available.

Flexibility and Scalability

Python is a highly flexible and scalable language. It takes less time to code and by writing just a few lines of code you can create your own applications and python just offers this. Industries expect the same thing that their application should be developed in a shorter time and should be more efficient. Even the developers want the same.

Portability and extensibility

Python is a portable language. This invokes the cross-language platform feature that can be easily executed on any platform whether it be Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc. Code written in Python can be integrated with other languages also like java, .net, etc.

Computer Graphics

Python helps in developing a lot of applications and therefore it also helps in developing GUI-based applications using the Tkinter library. Also, it helps in creating games using the Pygame module.

Web development

Various Python frameworks help in web development like Flask, Django is all the latest and popular frameworks of python, which helps in web development in lesser time.

Data Science

Python has become a very important tool in data science. It helps in the analysis of data, cleaning of data, performing various types of work with data, and coming up with a proper result. There is a huge amount of data generated every single day by different companies.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is booming in today’s industry and python is the most important thing in machine learning. Most of the industry uses this concept for making predictions like where the sales of a particular product are more, where they should expand their business or where they can attract their customers, etc.

Amazing Salary

As a python developer, you can make a huge amount of money. People are getting salaries more than expected as a developer, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and many more. Over the few years, python has shown a tremendous amount of growth in many IT industries and many developers are also taking advantage of the same.

So, I hope, you all got the answer to Why Should I learn Python question and also Why you should start learning Python and choose the same as a career option and also what python can make you in near future There are multiple advantages of python which makes beginners start python learning as their first programming language.

If you also want to continue your journey with python, then stay connected with us for many more amazing modules. Until then Happy Coding, and Keep Learning.