Introduction to Python for Beginners

Hey folks, welcome, in this module, we are going to talk about Introduction to Python for Beginners, the most used programming language in today’s world, almost most of the IT sectors are working with this language only. Let’s talk about the same in more detail.

Introduction to Python for Beginners

Python was created by Guido van Rossum in the year 1985 – 1990. Python is widely used and considered a general purpose-oriented, object-oriented, interactive, and high-level programming language. Even if you are new to the programming world, then also you can start learning Python as it is a very simple and understandable language. Programmers can explain and express their concepts easily by writing a few lines of code.

Introduction to Python

What are the characteristics of Python?

As we know that it is a widely-used programming language available, therefore there are a lot of applications available for python, let’s see why we should go for python and what the characteristics of python has:

  • It makes learning easy: The clean and clear syntax of python, the simple structure and less keyword availability make this language easy so that it can be understood by all new student which choose this language to land in the programming world.
  • It is Interpreted: Python programs can easily be run and can give us the output, no need to compile the program and then run it as we do in another programming language.
  • Python is Object-oriented: It supports object-oriented programming, and various features of that such as encapsulation, abstraction, etc.
  • Portability: It can easily execute on a large number of platforms with the same interface available on all the platforms.
  • Extendable: Python can be easily used to make very complex code from the easiest code.
  • It helps in creating databases: With the help of Python, we can create any type of database and can store any amount of data in that.
  • Scalability: Python supports various types of libraries and is almost used to make any type of program including shell scripting.
  • It supports GUI programming: Python supports programming GUI interface, which can easily be ported to windows, or many systems calls.

So, these are some of the characteristics of python. It is the great and the best language for the ones who are at a beginner’s level and it supports a wide range of applications.

What are the features of Python for Beginners?

So, let’s talk about some features of python for beginners that make it different from other programming languages.

  1. Readable: Python is a readable language, i.e., easily understood by everyone.
  2. Various platforms: It is easily and freely available and can be run on any operating system such as Mac, Windows, etc, this also makes it portable.
  3. Various Advanced features: Python supports various advanced features, which is making it famous all over the world, i.e., helps in building a lot of applications which is the solution to many real-time problems.
  4. In Python, we don’t have to bother for clearing the memory because it supports automatic memory management which supports clear memory automatically.
  5. Python provides a user-friendly environment with its interactive interface.

These are some of the features of python for beginners, which make it different and unique from other programming languages.

Which all Companies are working in Python?

Since python is such a widely used language, so there are a lot of companies that are working in Python and some are:

  • Microsoft
  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Mozilla
  • Cisco
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • Yelp
  • Yahoo Maps

There are several other companies that are working with python in today’s world.

What is the application of Python for beginners?

Now, let’s see some of the applications for which python is mostly used:

  • It helps in web development and its framework.
  • It is used in game development.
  • It is used for carrying out various scientific and numeric calculations.
  • It is used for creating business applications.
  • It is used for software development.
  • It is used for creating GUI-based applications.
  • It works as the ingredient for the Operating system.
  • It is used for image processing and graphic designing.
  • It can also help in creating various audio and video-based applications.

These are some of the applications of python. However, it is not limited to here there are plenty of applications for which python is used.

I hope, Introduction to Python for Beginners module makes you all very motivated and you all must be very excited to start the journey as a python developer for beginners. So, why get late, you all are in the right place, stay connected for more modules on the same.