What are the Applications of Python?

Hey guys, in this module, we are going to talk about What are the Applications of Python? We have already seen the Future of Python in our previous module and know already how python is ruling today’s industry and how it is becoming famous. So, let’s focus on some of the applications in this module. Let’s dive into the depth of this module.

What are the Applications of Python?

Since we know what python is and how one can start his/her career in the same, so, let’s see applications of the python that in what manner python is useful or what all things can be constructed or built from python.

What are the Applications of Python

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Python is one of the most popular languages for Machine Learning and we know that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are booming today’s industry. Artificial Intelligence is the human brain, i.e., a machine that does human works, and Machine Learning is used for predictions for the future based on previous or past results.

Python has a vast collection of libraries that are used for different purposes. These libraries allow to development of various Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence models to give the optimized results or solutions for the various systems. Some of the popular libraries of python are:

  • If you want to work with data analysis and computation, then the Pandas library is used.
  • If you want to perform mathematical computation, then the NumPy library is used.
  • TensorFlow is used for machine learning tasks.
  • Scikit-Learn is also used for building machine learning models.
  • For Artificial Neural Network or (ANN), Keras library is used.

GUI for Desktops

Python also helps the developers to make GUI for their applications. Python is used for creating many desktop applications, and for that applications, we need user interfaces, therefore the Tkinter library of python is used for making GUI, and many more libraries are there like Kivy, PYQT. One can start building such applications, the basics are to make a calculator, a to-do list, and many more.

Web development

Web development the most familiar word, and python has made life easier for web developers as python comes with a variety of frameworks and content management systems i.e., CMS. Some of the popular frameworks of python are Django, Flask, and Bottle, etc. and some of the Content management systems are Plone CMS and Django CMS, etc.

These frameworks are very popular because of their security, flexibility, and scalability, and also many useful libraries are available like Feedparser, BeautifulSoup, and Twisted Python, etc.

Game Development

As python is involved in web development and making it easier for web developers, in the same manner, there are many libraries of python that are involved in making games. PyGame, PySoy, and Pycap are some of the libraries of python which are used for developing the 2D and 3D game.

For many of the popular games like Battlefield 2, Disney’s Toontown Online, World of Tanks, and Civilization – IV, python is the foundation of these games.

Web scrapping

It means to scrap the data from websites or various web pages. If you want to extract various types of information and data from websites, then python allows this also. Selenium, Beautiful Soup, scrappy, and Urllib are some of the best python libraries which are used for web scrapping.

Image Processing

Image Processing means extracting some useful information from an image or simply means working with the image. It basically includes object detection (to identify certain objects from the given image) or faces recognition system (to recognize one’s face) etc. OpenCV, Python Imaging Library (PIL), and scikit image are some of the python popular libraries that are used for image processing. It is basically used for security purposes also.

Text processing

By the name only, it’s very clear that this application of python plays with text, like extracting text, reformatting paragraphs, etc. This application of python is used widely by many data scientists. Python can do many more things with text like word translation also. This ability of python is closely related to NLP i.e., Natural Language Processing. It is the most common use in python.

Software Development

As we have already seen, what all pythons can do like from doing simple calculations to complex computation and analysis, from building GUI-based applications to Web development or game development. In the same manner, Python contributes to software development also. Python is used as a support language by many software developers for testing, building control, and management. In simple Python can do it all.

Video and Audio Applications

Various Video and Audio applications can be constructed from Python. Python can take media as input and can give media as output. For example, text to sound conversion i.e., your written text can be converted to sound can be build using python. Also, many applications such as Cplay, TimPlayer have been come into existence by python libraries, and their performance is far better than other media players that are already existing.

Business Applications

These are also known as enterprise-level software, which is totally different from the normal standard applications. By the name only we can identify that these applications are designed for the need of the organizations or the industry rather than fully filling the needs of the individual people. These applications are more extensible, scalable, and readable. The main domains which are covered under these applications are ERP, e-commerce, and many more.

These types of applications are more complex as it is related to the full organization, it is built by keeping in mind all the requirements of the organizations. Tryton a general-purpose high-level platform, and Odoo an all-in-one management software, are amazing tools for building business applications.

So, these were a total of 10 python applications that are generally used in today’s industry and also getting a high rise in all the fields.

I hope, this module was very useful for you all as we have seen a very important topic and i.e., What are the applications of Python? And, you all must be excited to start your journey and career with Python. If it is so, then you all are already in the right place. For much more exciting modules that enhanced your knowledge, stay connected with us. Until then, Keep Learning, Keep Enjoying reading.