4 Ways to Get an Internship as a React Js Developer

Luckily, there are several ways you can find a job as a React Js developer and start your new career today! In this article, we take a deep dive into four effective strategies that you can use to snag yourself an internship to hone your skills and get your foot in the door.

With so many companies hiring developers to build their web presence, it can be difficult for an individual React Js developer to stand out from the crowd.

4 Ways to Get an Internship as a React Js Developer

Get Coding Experience

Most companies are more interested in someone who has just graduated from a coding Bootcamp or similar program.

If your main goal is to start enhancing React Js skills quickly, joining a Bootcamp might be your best bet.

Bootcamps are intense programs that teach you the basics of React Js within 10-12 weeks at an accelerated pace. They give individuals new to programming the skills they need to get started on their careers, even if they have limited experience.

Bootcamps are also more inclined to partner with companies that are looking for junior React Js developers to help increase their incoming class’ chances of finding employment quickly. This means that if you enroll in a coding Bootcamp, you may be able to find your internship before you even graduate!

What if you learn better alone? Several online programming courses allow you to learn React Js or other languages quickly such as Udemy and Juni. These courses can be a great way for you to learn React Js quickly and take your skillset to the next level.

Network with Other Developers

There are several ways you can go about networking as a React Js developer. You could reach out to friends and family and ask them if they know of any opportunities for React Js developers in your area. This might be a good place to start, but it’s highly unlikely that the people closest to you will have access to jobs at the same level you are looking for.

Networking is most effective when you use it to connect with other developers in your area. Find others who are interested in React Js development and see if they know of any local meetups or gatherings where React Js devs might be hanging out.

If there aren’t any, consider starting one yourself and use it as a way to meet like-minded individuals and make valuable career connections.

Build Your Portfolio

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from other developers is to build your portfolio. A strong portfolio will demonstrate your skills in React Js and prove that you have what it takes to succeed as a developer, even if you have limited experience.

It can also be a great way to demonstrate your interests and give employers an idea of what kinds of projects you want to work on in the future.

Building a portfolio is as simple as creating a GitHub account and uploading some code from past projects. You could even ask for help from friends or other React Js pros if you don’t have the resources, time, or skills to create a portfolio on your own.

You can also distinguish yourself by dominating hackathons. Hackathons are programming competitions where developers from around the world come together to solve coding challenges in a short amount of time, usually 24 hours or less. Participating in a hackathon will show a company that you can work under a time crunch and have the ability to solve problems quickly, skills that are essential for React Js development.

You don’t always need to win a hackathon to get noticed, however. Even participating in one will open doors at companies looking for new talent!

Land Your Internship with Non-Coding Skills

After you’ve got enough experience and a solid portfolio built up under your belt, it’s time to start looking for an internship.

Note that your coding skills won’t be the sole basis for whether or not you get the job. Employers will also look for evidence of your communication skills and ability to work well in a team—so be sure to brush up on common interview questions and answers to wow your interviewer before you’ve written a single line of code.

If you went through a React Js Bootcamp, try to set up an interview with the company that runs the program. Not only will it be easy for you to get in contact, but they also might have insight into opportunities that aren’t available to other candidates. They might also put you in touch with React Js developers who have recently graduated from the program and can give you a firsthand look at what it’s like to work in the industry.

Don’t limit yourself, either! If you can find companies that use React Js, consider setting up informational interviews with anyone working there. This will give you a chance to get an inside look at the industry and see firsthand what your life as a React Js developer would be like.

Ask around, too! You never know who might have connections to companies that are looking for React Js devs or between those who offer internships themselves.

When looking for an internship, don’t be afraid to get creative with your search! Reach out to friends who might know about opportunities, work on building your portfolio and keep track of any React Js events that are being held near you. With enough persistence, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a React Js professional in no time!