List of Top Code Editors in 2024

Hey guys, in this module, I am going to talk about the List of Top Code Editors in 2024, as a coder, a programmer, or a developer, needs a code editor to write the code and execute the same.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best code editors in this module.

What are Code Editors?

It is also known as a source code editor and is special software that is specifically designed to help in coding. It is a good platform for developers. These are nothing but the text editor which has some additional functionalities to edit and manage code. It can become part of the IDE or can be standalone. It also helps in improving the speed of the coding.

These can be programming language-specific some support one or two particular programming languages, whereas some support multiple programming languages.
If developers make any mistake like syntax error, then the code editor immediately warns about the same. Therefore, there is no need to worry about syntax while working within the code editor. Also, they give auto-completion and auto-indentation, which saves a lot of time for developers.

Apart from auto-completion and auto-indentation, it also gives the features like Brace matching and syntax highlighting.

Let’s see some of the best available code editors with their properties and characteristics in detail.

Top Code Editors in 2024

There are so many i.e., n numbers of code editors available online, and then this becomes the most confusing thing to choose which code editor is best suited, different code editors have their characteristics and their unique properties.

Best Code editors in 2023

So, now it depends on the developers and programmers depending on their requirements to choose the best out of the available ones for their uses.

List of Top 10 Best Code Editors in 2024

  1. Sublime Text
  2. Atom
  3. Notepad++
  4. Brackets
  5. Visual Studio Code
  6. Vim
  7. CoffeeCup – The HTML Editor
  8. Bluefish
  9. TextMate
  10. TextWrangler

List of top 10 Best Code editors

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of the number one Best Code Editors in 2024. It is a text editor, which can run on any platform, whether Mac, Windows, or Linux. It is not available for free, you have to pay some for using it, but the free trial is available.

It has an amazing feature i.e., it provides split editing that is used for editing and managing files placed next to each other. It is a user-friendly text editor and is a very good platform for shortcut lovers it has a wonderful shortcut i.e., from finding and modifying different or multiple lines of code to selecting certain functions in the menu, to having a smart option for opening a file, etc. It provides a high level of customization with the help of the JSON file.

It is a very easy and comfortable platform to work in, especially for beginners. It is well suited for HTML and PHP, but apart from that, it supports many other programming languages as well.


Atom is one of the 2nd Best Code Editors in 2024. It is the source code editor, which is developed by GitHub, and therefore it is an open-source tool that anyone can use as an IDE. It has a cross-platform feature, which means that it works on major operating systems. Since it is developed by GitHub, therefore it provides many of the GitHub packages that are used for integrating and doing things like pull and push requests and help in resolving merge conflicts.

It allows you to search for new themes and packages from the text editor only. It comes with an inbuilt package manager. It is available for free on the internet, you can just download it and start working on it. UI customization can be done easily. It provides very good community support that can be used for basic and advanced programming.


Notepad++ is one of the 3rd Best Code Editors in 2024. It is a text editor designed for Windows, UNIX, and Linux. It can also be used on Mac but using a 3rd party tool. It is available completely for free. It supports playback and macros recording. It provides the option for a spelling check.

It also provides very good community support from GitHub. Apart from all these, it provides features such as adding bookmarks, auto-completion, Syntax highlighting and finding and replacing tasks. It supports coding in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.


Brackets is one of the 4th Best Code Editors in 2024. It is an open-source tool, and the latest version available is 1.13, It can be used on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. It is the text editor which is especially used for Web development and Web designing. It provides the functionality of inline editors.

It is very powerful and lightweight. It also provides the feature of “Live Preview”, which means you will instantly see the changes in the browser. Customization is easy. It is also available free of cost. It does not provide auto-completion features and also split screen and full screen are also not supported.

Visual Studio Code

The Visual Studio Code editor is one of the 5th Best Code Editors in 2024. It is an open-source text editor, which can be easily run anywhere whether it be Windows, Linux, and Mac. It is a very light-weighted tool i.e., does not support much space on RAM.

It provides Syntax Highlighting, auto-completion for various imported modules, definitions of functions, and types of variables. It also provides debugging with call stacks, breakpoints, and an interactive console. It is a customizable and extensible text editor. It is available free of cost and supports all types of programming languages.


Vim is one of the 6th Best Code Editors in 2024.  It is also known as vi. It is the text editor which provides support for hundreds of programming languages. It can be used in UNIX and Mac OS. It helps in recording Macros. It also provides the functionality of search and replacement. It is available free of cost. It provides a spelling check. It has limited IDE features.

CoffeeCup – The HTML Editor

CoffeeCup is one of the 7th Best Code Editors in 2024. It is one of the best text editors which provides themes. It has an FTP connection which allows us to go live with our website with a single click. It is one of the more visual text editors, with a standard view of split-screen.

It has a free version and a free trial, but it has also an affordable premium version. It is very good for the ones who are interested in learning HTML, CSS, and PHP.


Bluefish is one of the 8th Best Code Editors in 2024. It is the text editor available for free. It can be run on many operating system-like windows, Mac, and Solaris. It can be used in website development and programming as well.

It provides the features such as auto-completion, code folding, and syntax highlighting. It provides code navigation and bookmarking also. It also supports multiple encoding. It is very famous and well known for its speed which is comparatively high.


TextMate is one of the 9th Best Code Editors in 2024. It can be used for more than 50 programming languages. It is a Mac text editor. It provides functionality such as search and replacements, and auto-pairing for brackets. The Macros can be recorded without programming.

It also comes up with project management features. One can select their chosen theme for highlighting the syntax. It is free of cost available and can be downloaded easily. It also supports a smart switching feature between files within a very useful project.


TextWrangler is one of the 10th Best Code Editors in 2024. It is also known as BBEdit. It is a code editor for the Mac operating system. It has many unique functionalities such as multiple Undo, auto indentations, and Splitting the editing windows.

It also supports the various text files comparison. It comes with extensive support from FTP and SFTP. Full-screen mode is supported, and search and replace options are also supported. It is not available for free, developers have to buy the license for working on it.

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I hope, now you all will be able to choose the best code editor for yourself, depending on the specifications, properties, and also depending on your requirements. If you find this article useful, stay connected with us for much more exciting articles. Until then, stay happy, keep reading, and keep learning!