CAT 2024 : Exam Date, Registration and Eligibility

This article will discuss all things related to CAT 2024. The Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most prestigious and competitive entrance examinations for MBA applicants in India.

Conducted annually, CAT serves as the gateway to some of the country’s top business seminaries, including the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and numerous other leading operation institutions. However, then is everything you need to know about the test, If you are planning to appear for CAT Exam 2024.

CAT 2024 Exam Date Out, Notification, Registration, Eligibility and More

CAT 2024 Exam is the largest MBA Entrance test for MBA admission 2024 in 20 IIMs and further than 1000 other top MBA colleges including FMS Delhi, SPJIMR Mumbai, MDI Gurgaon, and IITs among others accept CAT scores for admission. With a CAT 2024 Exam score, MBA admission occasion at further than 20000 seats in top colleges, will be offered to the scholars for the 2024 – 25 batch.

CAT Exam 2024

CAT experts and cappers are of the view that CAT isn’t a veritably delicate test but needs some smart and timely medication to crack it with a high score similar to score 99 percentile in CAT, rather than cramming the heads with ferocious knowledge-grounded medication, the need is to follow a smart Command grounded medication. further than 2 lakh campaigners register and apply for CAT every time. Last time, further than 2.55 lakh campaigners applied for CAT 2023, and around 2.30 lakh campaigners appeared in the test. Although IIMs are yet to advertise the CAT 2024 test Dates, the CAT Exam 2024 test is likely to be held on November 24, 2024.

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CAT 2024 Exam Test Date

CAT Exam 2024 is anticipated to follow an analogous schedule to former times. The test is generally held in late November or early December. still, it’s essential to keep an eye on the sanctioned CAT website and announcements for specific dates and any changes in the schedule.

CAT 2024 Exam Date

CAT 2024 Notification Release 4th Week of July 2024
CAT 2024 Registration Process 1st Week of August 2024
CAT 2024 Application Deadline 2nd Week of September 2024
CAT 2024 Admit Card Release 4th Week of October 2024
CAT 2024 Exam Date 4th Week of November 2024 (Nov 24, 2024 tentative)
CAT 2024 Result 1st week of January 2025

CAT 2024 Announcement

The sanctioned announcement for CAT 2024 is generally released in late July or early August. This announcement contains all the pivotal information you need to know about the test, including eligibility criteria, enrollment process, test pattern, syllabus, and important dates. It’s judicious to read the announcement precisely as it is your primary companion to the CAT test.

CAT 2024 Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the CAT 2024, you must ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria set by the conducting authority. While the specific eligibility criteria may be subject to change, then are some common conditions

  • Educational Qualifications: campaigners should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an honoured university or institute. A minimal aggregate score is generally needed, but it may vary from one institute to another.
  • minimal Chance Numerous IIMs and other top B- seminaries have a minimal chance or CGPA demand for eligibility. This threshold is generally around 50 for the general order and 45 for SC ST/ PwD campaigners. still, it’s essential to check the specific conditions mentioned in the CAT announcement.
  • Final Time scholars campaigners appearing for their final time of bachelorette’s degree or original examination can also apply. Still, they must complete their degree conditions within the required time.
  • Reservations: Reserved order campaigners (SC/ ST/ OBC/ PwD) are eligible for relaxed criteria as per government regulations and individual institute programs.

Please note that meeting these eligibility criteria is necessary, but it does not guarantee admission. Admission to MBA programs in colourful institutes depends on the CAT score, academic performance, and other selection criteria.

CAT Registration Trends

Further than 3.3 lakh campaigners had registered for CAT 2023. In 2022, 2.55 lakh campaigners had registered CAT test. In 2021, 2.29 lakh campaigners applied for the CAT and in 2020, further than 2.27 lakh campaigners had applied for the CAT. The rising number of CAT enrollments signifies that campaigners have to contend with further campaigners in the CAT test and need to score high to get shortlisted by the top three IIMs and other top MBA colleges.

Although the trends in CAT enrollments since 2010 show a downcast trip originally, from 2013 it has been showing a rising enrollment count reflecting the recovering trust of CAT applicants and expectation of better career openings after completing an MBA/ PGP from an IIM or other top B- academy.

CAT Exam 2024

Although the trends in CAT enrollments since 2010 show a downcast trip originally, from 2013 it has been showing a rising enrollment count reflecting the recovering trust of CAT applicants and expectation of better career openings after completing an MBA/ PGP from an IIM or other top B- academy.

CAT Year Candidate Registrations % Increase/Decrease
2023 3.3L 29%
2022 2.5L 11%
2021 2.3L 0.9%
2020 2.28L -6.6%
2019 2.4L 1.2%
2018 2.4L 4.3%
2017 2.3L -0.4%
2016 2.3L 5.9%
2015 2.1L 11.2%
2014 1.9L 1.0%
2013 1.9L -8.9%
2012 2.1L 4.4%
2011 2.0L

CAT 2024 Registration

CAT enrollment is a pivotal step in the entire process. Then is a step-by-step companion on how to register for CAT 2024.

  1. Visit the Official CAT Website: Go to the sanctioned CAT website generally ( to start the enrollment process.
  2. Produce a CAT Account: You need to produce a CAT account using a valid dispatch address. After successful enrollment, you will receive login credentials on your registered dispatch.
  3. Fill in particular Details: Log in to your CAT account and fill in your particular details, including your name, date of birth, and contact information. Make sure the information you give is accurate, as any disagreement can lead to disqualification.
  4. Educational Details: Enter your academic details, including your bachelor’s degree information and other applicable qualifications.
  5. Work Experience (if applicable): Still, you will need to give details of your employment history If you have work experience. This information is especially important for institutes that consider work experience as part of their admission criteria.
  6. Select MBA Programs: Choose the MBA programs you wish to apply for. You can elect multiple institutes, and your CAT score will be transferred to these institutions.
  7. Upload Documents: Upload scrutinized clones of your snap and hand as per the specified confines and formats.
  8. Pay the operation figure: The coming step involves paying the operation figure. The figure structure may vary for different orders of campaigners. Payment can generally be made online through colourful modes similar to credit/ disbenefit cards, net banking, or UPI.
  9. Review and Submit: Review all the information you’ve handed in, and if everything is correct, submit your CAT 2024 operation.
  10. Download the Admit Card: After successful enrollment, you will receive an admit card containing important details similar to your test date, time, and venue. Make sure to download and publish your admit card, and carry it to the test centre.

CAT 2024 Test Pattern

Understanding the CAT test pattern is pivotal for effective medication. As of the last available information, CAT generally consists of three sections

  • Verbal Capability and Reading Appreciation (VARC): This section assesses your language and appreciation chops. It includes questions on reading appreciation, judgment correction,para-jumbles, and more.
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Logic (DILR): In this section, you will encounter questions that test your capability to dissect data and make logical deductions. It includes sets of data interpretation and logical logic questions.
  • Quantitative Capability (QA): QA evaluates your fine and quantitative chops. It covers motifs similar to computation, algebra, figure, number proposition, and more.

The total duration of the CAT test is generally 3 hours, with 60 twinkles allocated to each section. still, it’s essential to note that the CAT test pattern may evolve, so it’s pivotal to relate to the rearmost announcement and test syllabus.

CAT 2024 Course Syllabus

The CAT syllabus astronomically covers the motifs mentioned in the test pattern. still, to prepare effectively, campaigners should claw deeper into the specific sub-topics within each section. Then is a brief overview of the syllabus

  • Verbal Capability and Reading Appreciation (VARC): Focus on vocabulary, alphabet, reading appreciation, and logical logic related to language.
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Logic (DILR): Concentrate on perfecting your logical and logical thinking chops. Exercise data interpretation from graphs and tables, and break mystifications and logical logic questions.
  • Quantitative Capability (QA): Strengthen your fine fundamentals and problem-solving capacities. Work on motifs like algebra, computation, figure, number proposition, and ultramodern mathematics.

CAT 2024 Preparation Tips

Preparing for CAT requires fidelity, smart study ways, and effective time operation. Then are some tips to help you succeed.

  • Understand the Syllabus Completely grasp the CAT syllabus and concentrate your medication on the areas where you need enhancement.
  • produce a Study Plan Develop a study schedule that allocates sufficient time to each section. Regular practice is essential for success.
  • Practice Mock Tests Take regular CAT mock tests to get habituated to the test pattern and ameliorate your time operation chops.
  • Ameliorate Speed and Delicacy CAT is as important about speed as it is about delicacy. Work on your computation speed and practice working questions within time constraints.
  • Seek Guidance Consider joining a guiding institute or seeking guidance from CAT cappers or instructors. They can give precious perceptivity and tips for success.
  • Stay streamlined Keep yourself streamlined with the rearmost news and updates regarding CAT Exam 2024. Any changes in the test pattern or syllabus should be well-known to you.
  • Stay Healthy Do not neglect your physical and internal health during medication. A balanced diet, regular exercise, and acceptable sleep are essential for maintaining focus and productivity.

CAT 2024 Results and Scorecard

After taking the CAT test, you can anticipate the results to be declared in January or early February. You will submit a scorecard that includes your sectional and overall percentile scores. Keep in mind that the CAT score is just one element of the admission process. Different institutes may have varying weightage for the CAT score, academic performance, work experience, group conversations, and particular interviews.

CAT 2024 Comforting and Selection Process

Once you’ve entered your CAT score, the next step is the selection process of the operation institutes. This generally involves group conversations (GD), written capability tests (WAT), and particular interviews (PI). The weightage given to each element varies from one institute to another.

Preparing well for these rounds and showcasing your communication chops, knowledge, and aptitude for operation studies is essential. Your overall performance in these rounds, along with your CAT score, will determine your selection for the MBA program.

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CAT Exam 2024 is a significant occasion for MBA applicants to secure admission to some of India’s premier operation institutes. Acceptable medication, a clear understanding of the test pattern and syllabus, and effective time operation are crucial to success in CAT.

Also, staying streamlined with the most information and seeking guidance when demanded can significantly lessen your chances of achieving a high percentile and securing admission to your asked B- academy. The flashback that CAT is a gruelling test, but with fidelity and smart medication, you can exceed and open doors to a satisfying career in operation. Start your medication beforehand, stay focused, and aim for excellence in CAT Exam 2024.