125 Baby Boy Names 2024

This article will talk about the 125 Baby Boy Names. A name is a critical portion of a person’s character. A name does not as it were give an individual his or her personality, but uncovers its meaning and importance.

125 Baby Boy Names

When it comes to baby boy names, their name also gets to be a vital figure in their future. In Hinduism, baby names are chosen to represent great good fortune, victory, and identity in their life. Here, we are sharing with you a list of 125 baby boy names counting implications in Hindi.

Baby Boy Names

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These names are not as it was known for their magnificence and sweetness, but their implications moreover uncover extraordinary sentiments and qualities. These are a few baby boy names counting implications in Hindi. These names are not as it were known for their excellence and sweetness, but their implications too uncover special feelings and qualities. You’ll select a name of your choice, which reflects your baby’s identity and life.


Choosing a baby boy names is an event that’s imperative for the family. It isn’t as it were the personality of the child but also a medium of communication in his life. Choosing a great name can impact the long-standing time of the child and make his/her character uncommon.

Significance of choosing a baby boy names

  1. Uncovering identity: A great name uncovers identity characteristics and reinforces its character.
  1. Devout and social centrality: The name has the significance of giving life to the devout and social message.
  2. Put in society: The name gives a personality to the individual in the society and makes a difference in him in making a put.
  3. Favourable and great fortune: In some cases, a name is additionally a sign of promising and great fortune in a person’s life.

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With that, given below are the 125 Baby Boy Names with the actual meaning of their names.

Names Meanings
Akash Sky or space
Akhil Complete or whole
Akshay Indestructible or immortal
Anand Bliss or happiness
Anil Air or wind
Aravind Lotus or graceful
Ari Noble or lion of God
Arian Of the Aryans or noble
Arjun White or pure
Armaan Desire or wish
Arun Reddish-brown or dawn
Ashok Without sorrow or worry
Asim Limitless or boundless
Ashwin Light or horse tamer
Aum A sacred syllable in Hinduism, representing the universe
Avi Sun or brave
Ayaan Gift of God or strength
Baldev God-like in power
Barun Lord of the Sea
Bhaskar Sun or illuminator
Bhavatu Let it be or may it happen
Bhavin Noble or virtuous
Bodhi Enlightenment or awakening
Brijesh Lord of Brij or lord of strength
Chandra Moon
Charun Intelligent or wise
Chetan Consciousness or awareness
Chitaksh Enthusiastic or lively-eyed
Daily Divine or godly
Daksh Skillful or competent
Deepak Lamp or light
Dev God or divine
Deval Divine or god-like
Devyan Radiant or luminous
Devesh Lord of gods or godly
Dharma Righteousness or duty
Dhairya Patience or courage
Dilip King of Hearts or protector
Dinesh Lord of the Day or sun
Divit Immortal or divine
Dushyant Destroyer of evil or one who destroys pain
Edhas Happiness or prosperity
Ekansh Whole or complete
Elil Handsome or beautiful
Eshaan Lord Shiva or the ruler
Gaman Arrival or reaching
Hari Lord Vishnu or lion
Haroon Hope or protector
Harsh Joy or happiness
Hira Diamond or precious stone
Hredhan Sweet or charming
Hrithik Name of a sage or heart-touching
Hunar Skill or talent
Ijay Victorious or conqueror
Illesh Lord of the Earth or lord of the Universe
Ishan Lord Shiva or the sun
Ishir Powerful or strong
Jahan World or universe
Jagannath Lord of the World or universe
Jaiden God has heard or thankful
Jairaj Victory or lord of victory
Jay Victory or conqueror
Jaya Victory or triumph
Jayesh Victorious or triumphant
Jitendra Conqueror of the senses or lord of conquerors
Jiyan Nearness or closeness
Kabir Great or powerful
Kahan Lord Krishna or the universe
Kailash Abode of Lord Shiva or mountain
Kairav White lotus or peace
Kalidas Servant of Kali or servant of time
Kaiyen Clever or intelligent
Kalpen Artist or creative
Kamal Lotus or perfection
Karam Destiny or fate
Karthik God of war or lord Murugan
Kavish Poet or sage
Kiaan The grace of God or ancient
Kiran Ray of light or sunbeam
Krish Lord Krishna or black
Kriyan Action or deed
Laksh Aim or target
Lal Red or beloved
Madhukar Honeybee or lover
Mahavir Brave or courageous
Mahendra Indra, the king of gods or great lord
Manav Human or mankind
Manish Lord of the Mind or intellectual
Manoj Cupid or the god of love
Manu Original man or thinker
Mayan Creator or illusion
Milan Union or meeting
Mitra Friend orally
Mivan Wind or air
Mohan Attractive or charming
Moksh Liberation or salvation
Mukul Bud or New Beginning
Naman Salutation or respect
Nayan Eye or vision
Neeraj Lotus or one who is born from water
Nikhil Whole or complete
Niket House or home
Nilam Sapphire or blue gem
Nirmal Pure or spotless
Nishan Mark or sign
Nitin Master of the right path or ethical
Niyam Rule of law
Ohas Praise or glory
Ohm Sacred sound or divine symbol
Onkar Om or God
Ovi Poem or poetry
Panna Emerald or jewel
Parin Expert or skilled
Parth Arjuna or prince
Parv Festival or celebration
Pavan Wind or air
Prabhakar Sun or light
Pran Life or vital energy
Prem Love or affection
Pranav Sacred syllable Om or primordial sound
Pravin Skillful or proficient
Priyam Beloved or dear one
Raghav Descendant of Raghu or lord Rama
Rahul Efficient or capable
Rajesh King or ruler

The above list have the 125 Baby Boy Names with their meanings.


A baby boy names is a critical portion of his or her personality. It uncovers his identity, culture, and devout values. We trust this list makes a difference when you select an idealise name for your child.